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50 Shades Trilogy

50 Shades Trilogy

I have never felt the curiosity to skim through a Mills & Boon to read about the pleasures of someone else’s sex life. My only excuse for picking up the 50 Shades Series would then be the fact that, I wanted to know if I was indeed missing out on much by being disinterested about the genre. Plus, what was all that hype about an erotica? My honest opinion ~ utter waste of my (not-so) precious time!

So, there is the typical good-girl who meets the bad-boy (who is conveniently also a ‘megalomaniac millionaire’) in the story. And, you have to read patiently as the utterly predictable storyline plays out before you. As is the norm, the girl manages to bring the boy away from his dark side and into the light and they both live happily ever after. There, I put out the entire story in two sentences!

The societal implication of such stories selling in the market is another point I like to touch upon. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for free speech and expression and minimal censorship, but I cannot deny that books like these can propel a hopeless romantic woman’s hopes that she could single-handed-ly weed out the despicable traits of the man she loves. This is not just the feminist in me speaking; I am voicing my concern that women need not be fed erotic fairy tales to add to their justifications for pursuing a wrong decision, which might only lead them into an unhappy relationship. Forgive me, but I prefer a gentleman who treats me well and treats me with respect!

Even if I accept the lack of story in favour of all the details on the characters’ sex-life, I am still not moved to admit that the 50 Shades is worth any of your time, unless you are fond of reading about the same thing in almost the same words FIFTY TIMES! I won’t deny that the whole talk about BDSM and ‘kinky-fuckery’ has been enlightening to an inexperienced lass (who can almost identify with the Anastasia at the beginning of the series). However, I have this peccadillo of indulging myself in those stereotypical, banal stories where I can predict almost everything, down to the lines the characters exchange between them. That way, this trilogy was an amusing read; to the extent that I might not be returning to this form of amusement for a really long time.

Even allowing the repetition, I just can’t seem to find anything amazing or mind-blowing about this erotica where the girl manages to ‘come again and again and again’. Every. Single. Time! If you tell me that it is the most interesting erotica you have come across lately, I would be more than glad to direct you to some other fan-fictions on the web, that deserve a Nobel Prize in Literature in comparison.

Personally, I prefer ‘The Lady Chatterly’s Lover’ over the 50 Shades Trilogy, but then again I am just a chaste young woman who still does not know ‘what all the fuss is about’!

<for an actual review of the book, feel free to refer to this website, the source of the featured image also list out somethings they really hated about the Trilogy>

But if you are still adamant about reading that book, you can buy it here, or here.