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Alright. OK. You can do this! There is nothing wrong in admitting that you resort to chic lit to de-stress after a thoroughly grilling round of semester-end exams, much less when the book involves amnesia…

10 points if you guessed the Author whose style I just imitated. And minus 20 if you still have not read a single one of Sophie Kinsella’s works. And for those of you who have read any of her books and still did not catch the drift, I am not sure I have enough zeros to add after the minus and the one! The self-prepping female protagonists who are bang in the middle of confronting a crisis is Madeleine Wickham’s trademark first line style.

But I will hand this to Mrs. Wickham, she can help a girl take her mind off things for a while and actually Laugh Out Loud! I got my hands on the Shopaholic Series around the same time the movie by the same released. Suffice to say, I forgot all about the stressful circumstances I was in and was more than happy to go through Becky’s life with her and watch her go through crises, one after the other all the way from the ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ to ‘Mini Shopaholic’. The last one helped me through the sleepless night, after learning of a rather sudden demise of a loved one.

I could criticise ‘Remember Me’ for not adding anything more than the concept of our typical girl-next-door waking up after a car crash, only to find out that she does not remember anything from the last three years. Including how she managed to go from a lovely face to a gorgeous babe who survives on low-carb diets and also happens to be married to a man who looks like he is straight out of an Armani advert and also happens to be a millionaire who sells ‘loft-style living’ for a living.

Come on, it was a good one-time read! And although Lexie did not manage to crack me up as much as Becky, she did manage to make me laugh a couple of times. What I loved about this book, however was the fact that it does not over-do it by making Lexie regain all her lost memory. She finds one tiny strand of it, and it was a memory of the guy she loved and maybe, that is all that really matters at the end of the day!

A screenshot of ‘Remember Me’, by Sophie Kinsella

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