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So, I read a pre-end-of-exams Chic-lit and another one on my train back home, after the last exam for this Semester; no biggie!  Here’s my confession; I love Sophie Kinsella’s works. She makes me laugh my heart out; she makes me laugh my sorrows away; she helps me forget!

I mean, she did not quite live up to my expectations in ‘Remember Me’ but, I guess I could say that ‘I’ve Got Your Number’ pretty much vindicated all that. I distinctly remember a couple of instances when I could not help but burst out laughing in this one. It was like reliving a scene from my experience of reading the Shopaholic Series. One of the loudest laughs was somewhere right at the beginning about the ‘singing telegram’ for Mr. Yamasaki. Then, there were all the footnotes, of course!

Thing is, after reading all her Sophie Kinsella books, I like to believe that I have understood her plot, or rather, her life from which she draws her inspiration. [NOTE TO THE READER – only proceed reading this paragraph if you are the kind that reads a Chic-lit for its humour and not its plot] You see, I suspect that Ms. Madeleine met Mr. Some-loser and had a crappy job in the beginning, then she landed in this one weird situation where she met Mr. Wickham who initially seemed like the last person she would want to spend another minute with, but as time passed them by, she realised just how much of a gentleman he was. And I am guessing, Mr. Wickham was also pretty successful at his work place. You know, the typical Pride and Prejudice story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. As they say, there are no original ideas, we just borrow someone else’s idea and garb it in new words and project it as our own. In the case of Mrs. Madeleine Wickham, she fell so in love with this one idea that she garbed it in new storylines, as many times as she’s ever written!

Not that I fault her for a single moment there. At the end of the day, her books are all about the laughter and fun that helps you get away from the reality (that never quite falls together as magically and beautifully as a Sophie Kinsella story)!

To get a copy of ‘I’ve Got Your Number’, check out this page or this (unless you want to borrow it from the library, that is!).

The Latest Sophie Kinsella Book Cover, courtesy of goodreads.com

The Latest Sophie Kinsella Book Cover, courtesy of goodreads.com