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I have an incurable disease! For every few books I read, I have to relapse into what the modern world calls a ‘Chic Lit’. This particular culprit – the Satan that lured me into taking a bite of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge – is titled ‘In Her Shoes’. What led me to read this book, when I was knee-deep into my 8th Short Story from the ‘Classic Short Stories’ by Reader’s Digest? To give an appropriate answer I have to go back a couple of years; 6 to be precise. My hostel had this tradition then (as with most traditions around Oldham Hall, this too was short-lived!), of playing a movie on the Dining Hall’s projector every Friday evening (meant exclusively, for the losers who chose to stay in on a day with a late curfew of 11 pm!). This one particular Friday, when I had plans to be somewhere out having fun, they were playing ‘In Her Shoes’. I distinctly remember seeing the poster with Cameron Diaz in a Green halter-neck and in Red Shoes (Don’t worry, I went back and verified my memory on the world-wide-web). 6 years and one smart phone with a pdf later, I finally know what the story was all about!

Movie Poster, courtesy imdb.com

The story at first glimpse is all about two sisters (Rose and Maggie) who have been trying to deal with each other ever since their mother’s death. You think it was hell to just have these two girls figure things between each other? Well, that is when you realise that Ella Hirsch is actually their estranged grandmother. And the funny thing about it is, all three of them have the same shoe size (what are the odds of that happening?!). If there is one thing that I have to give Jennifer Weiner, she played the whole mystery around how the mother died, pretty well! At the end of the day, you realise that it is not just a ‘Chic Lit’; it is the story of 3 people who could be any woman on the road you pass by.

However, I must confess the one thing I am almost proud of myself about ~ I knew who Rose would end up with from the very first time they ever talked to each other! Call it my special skill (read – practised skill), that I have honed over the various ‘Chic Lit’s that I have read, starting from Pride and Prejudice. The man the woman is mooning over is often not the guy who is right for her. She ends up with the last person she assumes she will even spare a second glance, and you know what they say about assume-ing! 😉

All in all, a nice read on your weekend in with a running nose (yuck, I know!).

Movie Poster of In Her Shoes, courtesy imdb.com

But you could order your copy on amazon and enjoy the book as I head out to pick some tissue papers and tea bags and maybe, a couple of soup sachet!