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When I think of Christmas, I think of the smell of Cinnamon, Rum Cakes, Wine, Christmas tree, Christmas Movies and Stories by Charles Dickens or Jane Austen. Don’t ask me why, it just is!

My habit of reading a Dickens novel (or a Jane Austen novel) around Christmas is still rather new, but I hope I manage to cover all his stories this way, so that many Christmases from now I can proudly say that yes, I have finished reading all the Charles Dickens novels that there is. This year David Copperfield was the lucky pick.

The story is rather straight-forward, in that, it is told from a first person’s perspective as a narrative and seems to almost mindlessly recount all the incidents that has happened in David Copperfield’s life. However, there are certain occasions when you see the character’s retrospection as he reminisces about certain events and adds something in hindsight. These moments are what really add colour to the narration. The story explores the life of this individual as he faces the sad realities of life, right from a very tender age. These include being sent away to boarding school, his mother’s death, working in a factory, being cheated, trusting the wrong friend, falling in love, losing his wife and finding love again. One interesting thing about this story is that there is no paucity of coincidences. Almost convincing you that ‘It’s a small world after all’!

The most frustrating thing was (Spoiler Alert – Jump to the next paragraph if you have not already read the story.) the fact that I guessed whom David should end up with way before he fell in love, and as it just so happens, he does eventually end up with my choice for him!

As Dickens’ personal favourite, I think I expected a lot more from this book. However, I suspect Mr. Dickens loved it so dearly because his own story was so close to this one and he felt that criticising this would be almost like criticising the man he was, the man he had become.

If you want this book to be your Christmas Pick as well, hurry up and place your orders on flipkart (as I did!) or amazon!

David Copperfield, Oxford Bookworms