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Maybe the book ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist – From Book to Film’ does not really count for a reading experience; I barely spent two whole hours to finish reading it. However, here’s why I would advice you to take a look at it anyway!

Firstly, you get to stare at lots and lots of pictures from the making of the movie.

Secondly, it is by Mira Nair.

Thirdly, because you are so in love with Mohsin Hamid’s novel – The Reluctant Fundamentalist – that you would gratefully read anything that remotely concerns that story.

And if the above mentioned reasons do not move you to read the book, there is one more reason I can give you. If you cannot stop admiring the open-ended story that Mohsin Hamid has spun and are sceptical about how on earth Mira Nair could possibly do justice to that story, this book is here to convince you that the movie is worth a watch. The film critic in my office informed the readers of THE HINDU that they need not be reluctant about watching the movie, but I already knew that the day before the movie released (that was the day I read the book!).

The book has Mira Nair and various other people like the Producer, the Actors, the Script Writer, the Music Director, etc tell you about the creative process that went into making the movie from the plot in the book. You learn that the book would probably be reduced to the skeleton on which the movie is based, retaining the general structure, but with flesh and more content.

You read the poetry by Faiz on which one of the songs is based, and you can not wait to hear it in the movie, because you know that the song would just sing its way into your heart. You read the techniques used to shoot the video, the sets they used, their reasons of doing XYZ instead of sticking with ABC in the movie and you realise that, you might just be able to appreciate the movie independently from the book on which it is based!

You learn how important this project was to the director and how hard she worked to bring it to the Silverscreen and you are convinced that this should translate into something substantial.

If you are hoping to own a copy, check out this page!

From Book to Film

From Book to Film