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I could say just about the same thing about the events that surrounded my life while I was reading this book! However, as with all books by Sophie Kinsella, immersing myself in the lives of her characters in ‘Wedding Night’ proved to be a respite from my own. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to take a break from their lives (maybe on a dreary weekend) and have a hearty laugh – who am I kidding, more like ‘a laughter riot’ – in the process!

The story itself is not very dissimilar from most chic-lit stories; two sisters finding their true love. Felicity and Charlotte had a less-than-perfect childhood, what with their father running away with a South African beauty queen and their mother being an alcoholic. However, somehow the sisters have managed to have successful careers. Nevertheless, their love-lives are in shambles. Fliss is going through a long drawn-out divorce and Lotte just broke up with Richard, her boyfriend of three years.

Things take a turn when Lotte agrees to marry her teenage boyfriend Ben and runs away to the Greek island where they had met for their honeymoon. Add into the equation, a harrowed Fliss and Lorcan (Ben’s mate), who are trying to stop this newly-married couple from making anymore ‘unfortunate choices’. What ensues is a story that will keep you entertained till you flip the very last page.

As with all of Sophie Kinsella books, you know it’s a modern day portrayal of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, but you still read it because you are desperately seeking something that would tickle you and simultaneously assure you that there are modern-day versions of your favourite fairy tales! In the meanwhile, this read gives you the break you deserve from the humdrum of your mundane existence and once you are done, you plunge right back into the reality that is, your life!

Wedding Night

Wedding Night